Long time no see! 

Well after a long time Im back and here to stay!!! Be on then look for new posts, new reviews and new good things!!!  

The page got a name change! Now its Karencytas Makeup! And I also have a Youtube Channel!!!! Make sure to go and leave love! Like my videos, subscribe and share!!! 

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Glamglow YouthMud & ThirstyMud Review!!!!

glamglow-logoEver since I heard about GlamGlow I started looking for reviews in YouTube and online because I saw that everybody was saying really good things about them. Everything I read was really good and made me want it more and more. So, Yesterday I went to Sephora with my sister, and if you are like me, you can’t leave Sephora with empty hands. And of course, I found the GLAMGLOW Muds!.

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Peak inside my September Ipsy Bag!

If you receive the monthly Ipsy bag you know the excitement!

I got my email to go and peak inside my September’s Ipsy bag and OF COURSE I went in to check!

So here is what I’m getting….

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I’m Back!!! =)

When I started this blog I made a promise to myself to at least write something here every 2 days or so…  So I missed This whole week BUT I do have an excuse! Lol… If you read my very first post you know that I’m Puertorican and that I live in Illinois. So my mom came to visit on her vacation, and I took my vacation from my work as well. We spent 10 days together. My mom is kinda like my best friend, we talk every day about everything! She arrived on my Birthday (Aug 28.) I can say it was the best birthday ever!!! We had so much fun!…

Meet my Momma…

momma and me

So I really missed me. I miss how much fun I had living in Puerto Rico. Is not that I don’t like it here, don’t get me wrong, I really do Love it here… but you know, I miss where I grew up and all that comes with it! Friends and family included!

Sooo…. I’m Back!. Lets do this!!!




Just wanted to say sorry for being away… My mom is spending her vacations with me and I’m enjoying every moment with her! She came from Puerto Rico and will be here for a week!! 😊 See you soon with tons of new stuff!!! 


Update: My Makeup Corner (with lights and mirror) <3

A few weeks ago I started to put together My Makeup Corner, I already did a Blog Post and put some pictures on the desk alone. So today I finished (at last) what I wanted to do on first place. I needed to add a mirror and a light fixture, BUT, the light fixture needed to be converted into a plug in so I could of course plug it in into the electricity outlet.

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A girl who loves shoes!…

What can I say!? Since I was a kid I used to love using my Mom’s heels and walk around the house with them. And of course that lead to me being a shoe lover! ❤

I don’t know but it feels so good trying shoes on and of course buying them.

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My Favorite Makeup (affordable) Brushes.

It’s no secret that M.A.C, Sigma, Morphee, etc. have a great variety of makeup brushes to make a flawless makeup looks. It’s no secret also that they are kinda expensive. So if you are like me, a girl who loves makeup but is always on the look to get good deals, you are on the right blog. Keep on reading sister!

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